Who Are We?
The Malaysian-Thailand Chamber of Commerce (MTCC) was established in 2002 as an association primarily composed of Malaysian and Thai companies and individuals having business relations together.The Chamber was officially recognized by the Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Trade.

It is now assuming a major role in promoting closer collaboration between Malaysian and Thai businessmen. The Chamber is also enhancing its networking with the respective governments to promote and develop economic relations in line with its objectives.

Our Objectives…
MTCC’s main objective is to promote and develop economic relations between Malaysia and Thailand. Events and seminars are organized regularly throughout the year which are aimed to provide advice and information to help its members to have a better understanding and effective operations in the Malaysia and Thailand environment.

Our Expectations…
MTCC is expected to assume an important and critical role as both governments continue to push for the strengthening of bilateral cooperation. There is already a steady flow of Malaysian companies coming to invest in Thailand. Equally encouraging is the interest shown by many Thai companies to expand business relations with Malaysia. At present, Thai investment in Malaysia is still low. MTCC would continue to encourage Thai companies to invest in Malaysia and undertake joint venture as part of its work programme for year 2004.

In its effort to create greater awareness of the opportunities in both Malaysia and Thailand, MTCC has started the publication of newsletter.

What do we do…
Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (MTCC) is a Chamber of Commerce incorporated in Thailand. MTCC has worked closely with the Embassy in its effort to further promote and strengthen the economic relations between both countries. MTCC has assisted and facilitated the visits of a number of Malaysian Ministers and officials.

Over the past year, the Chamber has been involved in several programmes including helping to organize a luncheon address by the Prime Minister of Malaysia to the Thai business community in 2002. In addition, the Chamber has also been active in organizing business meetings with visiting Malaysian business delegations, networking dinners and gatherings.

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