“Again, we try to stay away from subjective fouls,

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cheap jerseys The incident was bizarre because a funeral home discovered Timesha Beauchamp was alive when she gasped while her body was being prepared on Aug. 23.The latest details are in a state license suspension filed last week against Michael Storms, a Southfield firefighter and paramedic, who was part of a four member team responding to the home of the 20 year old woman.The documents obtained by The Associated Press are significant because no other agency has publicly offered many details about what happened to Beauchamp, who has cerebral palsy.Her family called 911 because of what appeared to be serious breathing problems.The Southfield fire chief said the incident still remains under investigation by the city. Johnny Menifee said he shares the family but he has also insisted that his paramedics followed proper procedures and found signs of life.Menifee told reporters last week that Beauchamp might be alive because of syndrome, a reference to people who come back to life without assistance after attempts to resuscitate have failed cheap jerseys.

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