It is a pleasure for me to note that the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce since its inception has been embarking on a number of activities benefiting its members. The networking social evenings, the luncheon talks, the advisory role of the Chamber is giving to the setting up of new Malaysian businesses in Thailand, the Chamber’s involvement in Malaysian Ministerial visits to Bangkok, to name a few, are clear examples that the Chamber is on the right track towards becoming an important vehicle for the promotion of Malaysian business interest in Thailand. I see these efforts as contributing to the enhancement of Malaysia-Thailand economic relationship as a whole.
This newsletter, being the 5th edition, is yet another example for its members. May I say ‘Keep up the good work’!

As this is the last opportunity for me to pen down a message in the MTCC Newsletter in view of my impending transfer from Bangkok, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Chamber and all members for the support and cooperation will continue to be rendered to my successor.

I wish the Chamber all the very best in its future undertakings.

Data’ Syed Norulzaman
Ambassador of Malaysia to The Kingdom of Thailand

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