The vast majority of the men on the field are not spoiled millionaires abusing their freedoms, as Trump charges. Rather, they have worked as hard as any farmers for their short lived incomes and are dedicated to using their privilege to make things better for the people they play in front of. Brandon Marshall’s Project Borderline foundation combats mental illness.

So far this season, preseason included, the NFL has tested players 379 times for concussions, NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills said. “We want that number to remain high,” Sills said. “We want to have a high bar set for screening. On the play, Ty Jerome drove to the basket, saw a clear lane for a layup but spotted Hunter in the corner just before he was about to shoot. Hunter drilled the jumper to knot the score at 68. After a defensive Virginia stand, the game went into overtime..

“I think the two words that I’ve told everyone will characterize our season are flexibility and adaptability,” Sills said. “We absolutely have to remain flexible about everything we’re doing, from the testing cadence to the treatment response to the setup to the schedule. Everything, I think, will have to remain flexible and adaptable based on what we’re learning and what we’re seeing in real time along the way.”.

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