Mykonos, an island of a thousand images, and unforgettable memories. When anyone thinks of the dazzling Cyclades Islands in Greece, inevitably they think of the island of Mykonos, with its whitewashed cubist houses, incredible sunsets and astounding beaches with their crystal clear waters. The darling of the jet set for decades, the island is known for its cosmopolitan lifestyle a factor that draws hordes of mega yachts to moor off its dazzling shoreline every summer.

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Finished bourbons are a quirky product. Technically the act of finishing a bourbon renders it legally no longer a bourbon, because all bourbon can only be aged in new, charred oak casks. But with products like these, describing it as “finished bourbon” is the most logical and explanatory way to label it..

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Your Company”s key South Peninsular markets of Telangana, Coastal Andhra and South Interior Karnataka received normal rains that resulted in improved agri input consumption during Kharif season. However, deficit North East monsoon (56 percent of long period average) affected the Rabi season crop sowing. Overall, food grain production for the year is expected to come down marginally by 1 percent to 281 million tons..

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