The Board of Investment (BOI) today announced measures to help manufacturers affected by flooding. Operators can immediately move machinery and raw materials out of flood-affected areas to prevent damage, and can seek BOI help every day.

Ms. Atchaka Sibunruang, Secretary-General of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), said that the BOI has introduced an urgent flood relief measure to help BOI-promoted projects. Investors can immediately move machinery and raw materials out of plants or flood-affected and risk areas to prevent possible damage to these resources.

BOI-promoted companies can contact BOI office for help every day, including weekends. For agricultural and light industries, contact Khun Sithee Tanboonteck 0 2553 8298; metal parts and machinery industries contact Khun Anin Meksuksai 0 2553 8294; electronics and electrical appliances call Khun Tanavadee Khuvasanont 0 2553 8366; chemicals, paper, plastic, infrastructure and services call Khun Wuttichai Pisatphen 0 2553 8167.

 The new measure will be added into the BOI’s existing flood relief measures, which cover the entire country. A major part of the existing measure is the provision of import duty exemption on machinery imported to replace that damaged by flooding.

Source : BOI

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