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Real Estate and Construction Sector requested for the assistance from the Government sector which are:

1. Exemption from tax of construction materials in order to relieve the expense burden to renovate the dwelling affected by the flood.

2. Tax reduction for renovation expenses less than 100,000 Baht in order to relieve the burden and increase the purchasing power to the consumers

3. Tax reduction for house insurance less than 10,000 Baht in order to encourage the purchase of insurances

4. Reduction of ownership transferring fee from 2% of selling price or official assessment to 0.01% and of mortgage fee from 1% to 0.01% in order to reduce the burden of the consumers in purchasing and ownership transferring their houses when they lose of confidence and delay for decision. These also caused to the trading condition and the cycle of real estate and related sectors.

5. Reduction of specific business tax from 3.3% to 0.11% with the same reasons as mentioned above. This measure was used for several times by the government to stimulate real estate sector during the economic crisis.

 Measure for Rehabilitate by
the Government Sector

Thai Airways International
(THAI) offers Special ?Southern Thailand Flood
Relief? Fares

Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) is implementing special
reduced fares to Southern Thailand in case the main road to the south from Bangkok is flooded. THAI
will offer ?Southern Thailand Flood Relief? special fare tickets by 47-58% from
regular ticket prices.   This special
fare is effective from 11 November 2011 to 10 December 2011.

will operate flights from Suvarnabhumi
Airport to Thailand?s southern provinces with
a total capacity of 5,039 seats per day and will add more flights and changing
the aircrafts if needed for accommodating passengers and cargo services.

 Bangkok-Surat Thani: from regular fare of 4,290
baht, reduced to 1,820 baht

 Bangkok-Krabi: from regular fare of 4,490 baht,
reduced to 1,920 baht

 Bangkok-Phuket: from regular fare of 4,675 baht,
reduced to 2,015 baht

 Bangkok-Hat Yai: from regular fare of 5,155 baht,
reduced to 2,255 baht

 Bangkok-Samui: from regular fare of 6,360 baht,
reduce to 2,930 baht

         (The ticket fare includes fuel
surcharge, but excludes airport tax)        

For more information and
reservation, please call the THAI
Contact Center

at Tel. 02-356-1111 or THAI?s ticketing office or www.thaiairways.com 


Measure for Rehabilitate
by the Government Sector

Electricity Generating Authority has agreed to defer payment of electricity
bills for those flood effected as follows:

1. Electricity for home-use and small enterprise can
defer payment for monthly electricity bills for 3 months.

2. Electricity for medium and large enterprises and
specialized products may request 3 month deferment of payment for each monthly
electricity bill without having to pay interest.

those electricity home users effected by flood, once the bill is received, can
apply for above deferment at their regional Electricity Generating Office.  Such deferment will be in effect for 3 months
or until the flood crisis in the concerned area becomes better without having
to pay interest.  Moreover, Regional
Electricity Generating Authority has no policy if cutting off electricity since
it is needed.  In case there is no use of
electricity and the meter registers zero of usage, there will be no monthly


Measures for Recovery by
the Government Sector

Ministry of Agriculture
and Cooperatives

1. There is a measure to support with more than
72,000 tons to rice seeds to be distributed to farmers to grow after the flood
crisis and will be operated from November 2011 to July 2012, in 2 periods,

1st period: Assistance immediately after the ending of the flood, expecting to
cover 3,316,000 Rais, using about 33,166 tons of rice seeds.

2nd period: during the annual rice growing season, expecting to cover 3,532,900
Rais using about 38,934 tons (totally seeds of 72,100 tons). The land for
growing rice seeds of the Community?s
Rice Center will be used to grow rice seeds
for the
Rice Center

of the Rice Department. There are 23 such centers in all over the country.

2. Assistance will be given to farmers who had
registered their rice growing and whose rice fields have been damaged by the
flood more than 50% of their registered areas. They will receive rice seeds at
10 kgs/Rai according to their actually damaged areas but not more than 10 Rais
per farmer, at the value of 239.60 Baht per Rai or averagely about 2,396 Baht
per farmer.

Regarding the procedure of operations, the Rice
Department will cooperate with the Promotion of Agriculture Department in
giving information about the damaged areas and about the farmers affected by
the flood according to the criteria for assistance. The Rice Department will
notify the Rice Seeds Center
in the area to distribute the rice seeds. A very careful checking of the
quality of rice seeds will be made before the distribution.

Measures for Recovery by
the Government Sector

Cabinet meeting on 15 November 2011 has approved the measure for rehabilitation
and recovery for the flood victims. Please find the detail in the following



Evaluation of the Situation

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce has undertaken a survey of the
confidence of consumers? index in October, which is the period when the flood
was widely spreading. It was found out that the confidence about the economy in
general reduced from that of September which was 72.2% to 62.8%. It should be
noted that the reduced confidence was the confidence index about an opportunity
to find jobs, which reduce from 73% to 63.7%. The confidence index for future
income also reduced from 100.3% to 90.9%. The survey showed that the people
were concern about unemployment, no income or the uncertainty of future income
after the crisis declined. It is expected that the government will recognize
this matter regarding making solution for the people so that they would have
less concern about employment and incomes to receive in the future.

assistance to people and all sectors affected by the flood damages, the
government must hasten to find clear and concrete measures for assistance
including a real financial assistance through various recovery measures. The
sooner the government can render assistance, is the better for the people to
recover and lead their lives of normalcy. The Thai Chamber of Commerce has
forcasted that if the government has definite plan of assistance, the
confidence of the people will increase in the forthcoming December as well as
in January and February of the next year, 2012. 


of flooding situation

1. Updated flooding situation since 25 July 2011 up
to present, the total flooding area and announced to be the emergency flooding
area were 64 provinces with 680 Districts, 4,917 Sub-districts, 43,593
villages, and 562 people were died.

2. At present situation still effected by the
flooding were 20 provinces, 142 District, 1,008 Sub-districts, 7,117 villages
which effected to 5,305,559 people in 1,962,825 families. The effected flooding
provinces were Nakhon Sawan, Chainat, Singburi, Ang Thong, Phra Nakhon Si
Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Saraburi, Suphanburi, Nakhon Pathom, Pathum Thani,
Nonthaburi, Samut Sakhon, Samut Prakarn, Bangkok, Ubon Ratchathani, Si Sa Ket,
Roi Et, Kalasin, Chachoengsao, and Nakhon Nayok.

The recovery provinces and in
between rehabilitation were totaling 44 provinces which are Chiang Rai, Chiang
Mai, Lampang, Phrae, Nan, Mae Hong Son, Lampun, Uttaradit, Phitsanulok,
Phetchabun, Sukhothai, Phichit, Uthai Thani, Udon Thani, Chaiyaphum, Nongkai,
Buengkan, Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan, Surin, Maha Sarakham, Khon Kaen, Sakon
Nakhon, Rayong, Chon Buri, Prachuap Kiri Khan, Ranong, Phang Nga, Phuket,
Chanthaburi, Satun, Trang, Surat Thani, Trat, Sa Kaeo, Yasothon, Amnat Charoen,
Loei, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buriram, Ratchaburi, Kamphaeng Phet, Tak and Prachin

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