A business networking dinner hosted by MTCC and sponsored by Kurnia Insurance Thailand was held on 23 September 2002.
The dinner saw a gathering of over 130 Malaysian businessmen based in and around Bangkok and senior management of Kurnia Insurance from Kuala Lumpur.

The presence of H.E. Dato’ Syed Norulzaman, the Malaysian Ambassador to Thailand added further significance to the event.
This was one of the first events organized by MTCC to bring together Malaysian businessmen in Bangkok in an effort to foster linkages as well as to get their support for MTCC.
In his speech at the dinner H.E. the Malaysian Ambassdor to Thailand called on MTCC to serve as a focal point for Malaysian businessmen intending to do business in Thailand and to assume a central role in bringing together Malaysian and Thai businessmen together to strengthen bilateral trade and investment.
"MTCC can serve as a useful forum in providing inputs from the private sector to both the Malaysian and Thai governments to futher facilitate trade relations between the two countries." H.E. the Ambassador noted.

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