Message from Minister

Congratulation to the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (MTCC) for its efforts in publishing the Business Directory 2005. The Directory is a commendable initiative by MTCC to encourage Malaysian companies based in Bangkok, to network with one another. At the same time, it will serve as a valuable reference point for [...]

Chairman’s Message in Dec 2004

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Example Chairman Message #2

Example Chairman Message #2

Chairman’s Message in Oct 2004

I observed the steady maturity of our chamber, which is now in its 3rd term since it was inaugurated on June 20, 2002. Personally, I feel proud that the chamber has a team of dedicated and hardworking directors. Most of them hold senior positions in multinational firms or have their [...]

Ambassador’s Message

It is a pleasure for me to note that the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce since its inception has been embarking on a number of activities benefiting its members. The networking social evenings, the luncheon talks, the advisory role of the Chamber is giving to the setting up of new Malaysian [...]