We have a new Malaysian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand,

H.E. Dato’ Shaarani Ibrahim, and a new patron for the MTCC. 

Since his arrival, he has shown great enthusiasm in supporting Malaysians

in Thailand and in building a stronger bridge at all fronts in regard to the

Thai-Malaysian relationship.  This will further promote the image of

Malaysians in Thailand.  I would like to take this opportunity to extend

a warm welcome to His Excellency and his family.

Since his arrival in February 2005, the Chamber has met with the

Ambassador several times. On April 26, 2005, he invited the new

Board of Directors for a meeting at the Embassy followed by a very

personal lunch at the Ambassador’s residence.

A strong message has now been conveyed to all of us that the new

Ambassador iscommitted to fostering closer relationship between the

Embassy and the Malaysian community in Bangkok. The Ambassador

has emphasized the importance of working together to further develop

Malaysian interests and relations with Thailand.

All these augur well for Thailand especially when there were a number

of negative factors affecting the economy, after a rather strong and

steady growth for the past several years.  Some sincere contributions

by the Chamber with the support from the Embassy would be welcoming

actions to our host as we all enjoy staying in this wonderful country of

The Land of Smiles.  In a small way, let us make some contributions to

improve the economy of Thailand. 

As the saying goes "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make a

mighty ocean and a pleasant land". On my part, I will try my best to work

with the same enthusiasm shown by His Excellency, the Ambassador. 

Personally, I feel more confident to deliver better results as the Chamber is

now four years old and for the first time has a full Board representative of

twelve very competent top executives.

As always, the strength of a Chamber lies in having a large and active

membership.  Although we are getting more active, our membership is still low. 

Currently the membership strength stands at 80.  I hope every member will

try to recruit one member and double the membership by end of this year.

Mr. Yeap Swee Chuan


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