“Delhi has now announced an ambitious slew of measures

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cheap nba basketball jerseys One reason could be increased rate of testing with newly approved antigen kits a rapid diagnostic test that gives results in as little as a half hour.”Testing is not a panacea,” K Srinath Reddy, president of the Public health Foundation of India and member of the national Covid 19 taskforce, told the BBC.”Of course you must test but test judiciously, test based on symptoms or other clear criteria.”And that, he adds, is only possible with “early case identification and exhaustive contact tracing” neither of which has happened.A study on contact tracing by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) found that between January and April, India, on average, tested 20 contacts for every confirmed case.Read more:Patients stranded as Delhi struggles with CovidWhy is India reopening amid a spike in virus cases?Are more women dying of Covid 19 in India?In fact, earlier this month, Delhi’s health minister said that officials were tracing only immediate contacts given the high number of cases.But some people have taken to Twitter, alleging that even family members of Covid positive patients were not being tested, and their neighbourhoods were not being contained.to get themselves admitted/quarantined in medical supervision, but all IN VAIN. Even their area hasn’t been contained yet.”In many cases, testing of family members did not happen for several days, and only after heavy appeals and insistence to the government.”Delhi has now announced an ambitious slew of measures, including door to door screenings of all its 29 million residents, random sampling of 26,000 people across the city, and the use of drones and police to maintain physical distancing.Delhi health workers have begun screening every householdBut, experts say, a lot of this should have been done earlier, during the lockdown. And if that had happened, the government would have been able to take swift, informed measures when restrictions started to ease from the third week of May.The government failed to build partnerships”This whole disease is immensely stigmatised. cheap nba basketball jerseys

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