As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce sponsored a Mother’s Day presentation by the thinkSMALL Foundation to persuade children and young people to pursue a drug-free lifestyle. The "DRUG FREE" show was held at TK Park, Central World, to celebrate Mother’s Day on August 12th

Parents were invited to bring their children for this special event which was educational and entertaining at the same time. The theme of the show was "MOTHERS CARE! Thai children, get away from Drugs" "Be Wise, Be Strong, Be Free"–say NO to drugs!"   

The one-hour show featured trained clowns, a large tiger mascot, illusions and activities for kids.  It was designed to be fun and informative, and to motivate children to want to stay away from illegal drugs.


For further information, please contact The Malaysian Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Kedsuda Phanthong


Tel. 02 677 7303

Fax. 02 677 7394

Email admin@mtcc.freshdev.net.au


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