Subject : Training Course "International Training Course Blown Film Extrusion" (17-18 September 2007, Century Park Hotel, Bangkok)

Dear Sir/Madam,
"Plastic Technology Asia" Magazine-Bangkok  is pleased to invite all plastic industries in Thailand to join our upcoming training course on "Blown Film Extrusion", which will be held during 17-18 September 2007 at Century Park Hotel, Bangkok.  The course instructor is Prof. Dr. Kirk Cantor from Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Pennsylvania College of Technology, USA. He is specialised in blown film extrusion. The course content with registration form is enclosed in attachment. The course will be conducted in english.
Registered participants will also receive a book on " Blown Film Extrusion" and Simulation Software CD-ROM for FREE. The early bird deadline is 15 June 2007. If you are interested to join this course, please register this course before 15 June 2007. As Books and CDs are limited, we request interested participants to regsiter as soon as possible.
If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Tel: 02-938 2315-6
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Khun Saowalak, Publication & Training Coordinator
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This course is designed to provide a thorough overview of blown film extrusion, from

introductory through advanced topics. With an emphasis on hardware and processing, the course

will benefit all personnel involved with blown film. Other topics covered include blown film

materials and troubleshooting. During the course, "The Blown Film Extrusion Simulator" software

will be demonstrated.

Course Content

Introduction to Blown Film; Extrusion Fundamentals Overview (Five Hardware Systems, Six

Functional Zones); Blown Film Hardware – Upstream (Solids Feeding), Grooved Feed Throat,

Blown Film Dies – Side Fed Die, Bottom Fed Die, Spiral Mandrel Die, Co-extrusion Dies-Concentric,

Stack, Oscillating Dies); Bubble Geometry; Bubble Cooling-General, Air Rings, Internal Bubble

Cooling (IBC); Bubble Stabilization, Collapsing Frames, Haul-off, Winders – Surface Winders,

Axial Winders; Film Treatment; Line Control; Blown Film Materials -Polymer Types, Rheology,

Film Properties; Blown Film Processing- Melt Quality: Screw Design, Process Variables vs. Bubble

Geometry, Process /Structure / Property Relationship; Co-extrusion ?Dies, Interfacial Instability;

Troubleshooting – Extruder Problems (Surging, High Melt Temperature, Excessive Cooling, Low

Output), Film Problems (Melt Fracture, Thickness Variation, Bubble Instabilities, Die Lines, Gels,

Low Mechanical Properties), Poor Optical Properties

Course Instructor- Prof Kirk Cantor

Dr. Kirk Cantor is a Professor of Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology at

Pennsylvania College of Technology, where he has been teaching for 17

years. His primary area of teaching and consulting is polymer extrusion. Prior

to teaching, Dr. Cantor was an aerospace engineer at the National Aeronautics

and Space Administration (NASA) where he specialized in polymers and

processing of blown film used for high altitude, scientific research balloons.

Course Fee:

? 7,800 Baht/Person (before 15 June 2007)

? 8,800 Baht/Person (after 15 June 2007)

Remark: The above course fee excludes VAT 7%. The course fee includes lecture notes, lunches and

refreshments. The above fee applies for companies in Thailand only.

For overseas (non-Thailand) delegates, the fee is 300 USD/person (before 15 June 2007) and 400

USD/Person (after 15 June 2007).

Group Packages:

? If 3 or more than 3 participants join from same organization, 10% discount on registration fee.

? If 6 Participants join from same organization, one extra person participation (7th Person) is FREE

Blown Film Extrusion

17-18 September 2007, Century Park Hotel, Bangkok

Registration Form

Instruction: Please fill all the information in BLOCK letter and in English only

Company Name ?????????????????????????????………………………………………..

Address ?????????????????????????????????????????…??..


Tel ?????????..????.Fax ?????????????.. Email ??????????????.

Contact Person ??????.??????????.. Tel ?????.???? Email ??????????.

Participant 1: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Participant 2: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Participant 3: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Participant 4: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Participant 5: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Participant 6: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Participant 7: ???????????????. Position ???????..? Email ???????????.

Course Fee per Participant: (excludes VAT 7%)

? 7,800 Baht/Person (before 15 June 2007)

? 8,800 Baht/Person (after 15 June 2007)


  Cheque / Draft Payable to ?TechnoBiz Communications Ltd. Part.?

  Bank Transfer to Bangkok Bank, A/C No: 177-0-65819-1

A/C Name: TechnoBiz Communications Ltd., Part.


Ratchada-Lardprao Road

, Swift Code: BKKBTHBK

(Kindly fax pay-in slip at 66-2-513 1301 along with withholding tax form)

Please send completed registration form to

Plastic Technology Asia Magazine

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Lardprao Road


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Contact: Saowalak B, Publication & Training Coordinator




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