Attention: Members of the Malaysian -Thai Chamber of Commerce and Guests

Subject: Luncheon Talk of November 2005

Dear Sirs,

The Malaysian -Thai Chamber of Commerce (โ?œMTCCโ??) is pleased to invite our members and the guests to attend the July Luncheon Talk on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at hrs. at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Laurel  Floor, Sathorn Road, Soi Pipat, Bangkok 10500. Room 3rd

This Luncheon Talk will be the panel discussion in the topic of โ?œOutlook for 2006 Property Market in Thailandโ??. Our speaker will be as follows:

Mr. Longlom Bunnag,    President of Jones Land LaSalle (Thailand) Limited

The tentative program is as follow:

hrs.   – Register

hrs.   – Luncheon

hrs.   – Presentations by the speakers

hrs.   – Questions and Answers

The charge is Baht 500 – per person (inclusive of lunch) and is payable during registration.        

Do bring your friends as this is very interesting subject. Please confirm your seats with Khun Book, MTCC coordinator at tel. no.02-258 9835 or fax no. 02-258 9836 or 02-661 2802

MTCC look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely

(Mr. Yeap Swee Chuan)


R.S.V.P. with Khun Book of MTCC                                   Tel.  02-258-9835   Fax. 02-258-2826


Please return by fax No. 02-258 2826 or 02- 661 2802 within November 21, 2005 by time.

Name: โ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆโ?ฆ..โ?ฆโ?ฆ

โ?ฆโ?ฆ. Yes. I shall attend the Luncheon Talk

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