Exclusive invitation for your member to join Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Party on 29 August 2006 EXPAT ONLY

The years 2006-2007 are and will be very rich and exciting for Thailand tourism as part of the Thailand Grand Invitation. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) wishes to embark on an eMarketing campaign that aims to reach worldwide internet travelers and Expatriates in Thailand.

Following on the success of the Andaman Tourism Recovery Project, bornDistinction Co., Ltd., has once again been assigned  by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to be the official eMarketing Strategist. The challenge of this
year-long project is to spearhead and manage 2 major activities as following:-

1. Communicate to the world Thailand’s hottest tourism online travel portal: www.ThailandHotDeal.com
2. Roll out of extensive online marketing activities

Apart from the above activities, TAT has proposed an exclusive VIP Launch Party for expatriates in Thailand to be held at Club Astra, RCA, on 29th August, 2006, from 19.00 to 21.00 hrs.

Your company’s support would mean so much to Thailand tourism and we ask for your patronage of this campaign by simply helping us to invite your expatriate employees or members to join us at the Launch Party.

Your support will be appreciated and rewarded by entitling your members and employees to get the following privileges at the ThailandHotDeal.com Launching Party:

1.1 Chance to win luxury hotel packages valued 500 USD

1.2 The Hottest travel deals offered only at the party.

Wilaiporn Techawisutthikun

Business Development, born Distinction Co., Ltd.

Project Coordinator, eMarketing for Thailand Tourism

For the registration, please browse to : http://www.thailandhotdeal.com/launchingevent/register.php

To egt the map, please browse to : http://www.thailandhotdeal.com/launchingevent/map.html

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