Granted, the street scene in Portland is probably

Patterson vio por primera vez a Jayme cuando se diriga a trabajar un da. L fue detenido detrs de un autobs escolar y la vio abordarlo, segn la denuncia. Dijo a las autoridades que no tena idea de quin era Jayme, pero dijo que “saba que esa era la chica a la que se iba a llevar”..

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cheap jerseys nba Often, these far right activists would try to justify this behavior by citing “self defense” against “antifa,” but as Holt explained, it’s wise to have “a healthy sense of skepticism” about such claims, since far right groups “plan their events in locations with the expectation there will be counter demonstrators, and work to actively escalate tensions between opposing sides”Trump is taking the model developed by the extreme right in recent years, and amplifying it dramatically by using taxpayer funded resources, including the shadowy federal police agencies either created or vastly expanded during the post 9/11 campaign against terrorism. But the basic idea is the same: Target Portland for a right wing show of force, knowing that this will likely provoke a strong response from leftist activists, and use that response as an excuse for increasing the violent repression in a way that can be packaged and repackaged as sadistic propaganda designed to lure back wavering Trump voters or hypothetical suburban moderates. Granted, the street scene in Portland is probably nowhere near as violent as Trump would like at most, he’s getting images of some people pulling down a fence, setting off fireworks and tagging some buildings but it’s the same calculus that far right groups are employing, which is that some protesters will get unruly and can be spun as “violent rioters” on Fox News.. cheap jerseys nba

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