The Committee on Assistance for Business Owners and Employees affected by the protests which is chaired by Mr. Korbsak Sabhavasu, Secretary-General to the Prime Minister has appointed Thailand Trade Representative (TTR) to be in charge on issues that impact foreign companies from protests. 

 Mr. Kiat Sitthee-amorn, President of TTR would like to gather more information from foreign companies on:
1.  List of companies that are impacted.
2.  Names of financial institutions that companies have relationship with (for those who seek soft loans and could not receive from SME Bank).
3.  Issues that need assistance from the government based on "Burden Sharing Program not Compensations Program". 
TTR Office wants to assist foreign companies that are impacted to get back on their businessed as soon as possible.

For those who are impacted by the protests. Please send information above to MTCC as earliest as you can, information received from members will be raised to TTR to seek for appropriate assistance.

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