The addition of Peterson makes projecting the 53 man roster even more difficult, assuming the 33 year old will be on the team when the regular season begins. (It’s unlikely he would have signed in Washington just to be a camp body.) The seven time Pro Bowl back ran for 529 yards in 10 games last season, and his last standout season was a 1,485 yard, 11 touchdown effort with the Minnesota Vikings in 2015. He was the biggest name available in free agency, regardless of position, and ranks 12th in league history with12,276 rushing yards.

That’s why the Texans signed Osweiler last offseason to a hefty contract in free agency. That’s why they, after the Osweiler gamble failed miserably, were in line to be the landing spot for Tony Romo. That’s why they, after Romo chose retirement and the CBS broadcast booth over the quarterback job in Houston or Denver, traded up in this year’s draft to select Watson 12thoverall..

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There are player friendly provisions as well, including new spending minimums for the teams within the salary cap system. There is a $620 million “legacy fund” for retired players. The league dropped its proposal to lengthen the season from 16 to 18 games when players objected.

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