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Besides winning the Masters Championship, Bubba and his wife Angie recently adopted a baby boy, Caleb, just two weeks prior to the Masters tournament. So while I’m sure Bubba is delighted that he won, I’m thinking he’s probably just as excited that’s he’s now a father. You get the feeling that Bubba Watson is just a genuinely down to earth guy.

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All the casual violence, sex and animal abuse is a rude awakening to Catherine II (Elle Fanning), Peter’s starry eyed wife, who soon seeks to dethrone him in a military backed coup. “She’s walking into a world that has to be like, ‘What the is this place?!’ and I want the audience to feel the same,” said series creator Tony McNamara. “There’s often an expectedness to period genre things, so we always tried our best to not choose the most expected route.”.

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