I am pleased to be invited to send this congratulatory message to be included in the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce Directory.

Thailand and Malaysia are very close neighbors, sharing the same bother. Our two countries maintain friendly and active economic and trade interdepedent. I wish to commend the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce very wardly for the many important roles it has been playing in strengthening and cementing the close trade, investment and business ties between our two countries. I earnestly support the publication of this Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce Directory 2005. The publication certainly will facilitate and accelerate the flow of trade and business information as well as the growing and increasing business transactions between our two trading communities.

I take this appropriate opportunity to extend my sincere best wishes to the Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce and its executives as well as members in all their endeavors to enhance the continued good trade and business relations between Thailand and Malaysia.

Dr. Ajva Taulananda
Chairman of the Board of Trade of Thailand
and The Thai Chamber of Commerce

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