MTCC visited Hand to Hand foundation in Pattaya on 12nd December 2015

MTCC visited Hand to Hand foundation in Pattaya and donated a
total of 50,000 Baht in food, rice, necessities such as diapers, towels, milk and cash.

Below is a good story shared by one of participant in the trip.

“I am very touched by doing a MTCC CSR activity in Pattaya yesterday.

I met an amazing Australian lady, her name is Margaret. Margaret came to Thailand 15 years ago
teaching in an international school at Pattaya. Her plan was to teach a few years and traveled
the world after. Her mission soon changed when she was involved with an activity on Children’s day
at the police station. She met a 7 year old boy and his 3 yr old sister in jail. They were children of illegal
immigrants who were jailed and there they were, put in a different section of jail with little or no food.
This experience has resulted her to found the Hand to Hand non-profit organization offering free
child care to Thai kids who live in the slump. Today she has a house with 46 pre-schools kids learning
with her. She also offered free scholarship to kids after they go to school. Her objective is simple,
how to help the parents from putting their children in orphanage.
Anyway, today she have, and still in need of people volunteering part time basis to help teach the kids.
I am writing to help spread the good things she has done and she is pretty much on her own looking
for sponsorship of any kind to support the kids. If you go to Pattaya for holidays, please stop by
Hand to Hand and lend your hands whichever way you can.