Myanmar announces top taxpayers
Reported by EMG 

Internal Revenue Department announced 13 June the list of top 100 taxpayers for 2011-2012 fiscal year. The list was categorized into "Top 100 Commercial Taxpayers" and "Top 100 Income Taxpayers".

However, some giant companies, some prominent businesspersons and those who are taking responsibilities in influential business organizations are not included in the list.

Regular taxpayers criticized that the list unveils who are the tax evaders and selfish persons concentrating only on their interest and neglecting the interest of the country.

Three local companies newly stood the list of income taxpayers in this fiscal year are the Max Myanmar Construction.Ltd, the Associate of Civil Engineering Construction Group Co.,Ltd and the Information Technology Central Services Co., Ltd.

In the list of income taxpayers, the foodstuff production companies stood atop as in previous year.

A taxpayer said, "Some prominent companies are included in the list of "Top 100 Income Taxpayers". However, they could not stand atop. In fact, the UMFCCI is a giant business organization in our country. However, the companies of businesspersons who are taking high position in this organization and the companies of Union government ministers are excluded from the list.  Medium size companies are paying reasonable taxes. Although some Myanmar business tycoons did not consider about the loss of US$ 4000 million at Malaysian casinos in a single day, they don?t want to pay about US$ 4 million for a year. These taxevaders must be sued to collect the taxes from them.?

The Eleven Media Group this year stood at 84th position in the "Top 100 Commercial Taxpayers" and it is planned that the company would double its tax payment next fiscal year, according to a responsible person of the EMG.

Financial experts remarked that a democratic government has to stand on the taxes and it has to allocate its revenue to various sectors. Therefore, business companies should pay the taxes based on their profits.

Amount of revenue received by Internal Revenue

Fiscal Year             Total tax

2005-2006              447,964  
2006-2007              767,742            

2007-2008              838,257

2008-2009             955,315   
2009-2010             1,036,808
2010-2011             1,222,848            
2011-2012             1538,766

Source, Eleven Media Group

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