Nepal Relief Efforts; How can we help? – Faber Flags Asia [Press Release]

In response to the Devastating Earthquake in Nepal, Faber Flags has Produced Temporary Canvas Shelters for Victims Rendered Homeless by the Disaster, and Invites the Public to Contribute to its Relief Efforts

BANGKOK, THAILAND – May 12, 2015 – Faber Flags Asia, a leading supplier of eco-friendly advertising flags and banners in Thailand and the broader ASEAN region, today announced the launch of relief efforts to help victims of the recent catastrophic earthquake in Nepal.

The company has identified and ordered special 5 by 6 metre waterproof canvas sheets that will serve as tents to shelter villagers rendered homeless by the disaster.

“In response to the devastating earthquake in Nepal, we are helping to facilitate the delivery of special waterproof canvas sheets that will help provide shelter for earthquake victims who have lost their homes,” said Mr. Marc Dehertogh, Managing Director, Faber Flags Asia. “As a neighbouring country to our production base in Thailand, we feel that we must do what we can, leveraging our supplier network to mitigate the hardships faced by people in Nepal.”

Mr. Dehertogh added, “We would also like to invite the public to donate funds to help get these canvases to those in need.”

Faber Flags Asia is collaborating with a goods distribution network consisting of Thai people on the ground in Nepal. This group will bring the donated canvas sheets directly to the victims. Mr. Dehertogh explained, “Faber Flags Asia is serving as a centre to help organize essential goods transport via Thai Airways cargo. Once the plane has landed, the local team will deliver the canvas sheets to people in Nepal straight away.”

For more information or to join Faber Flag Asia’s relief efforts, please contact