Legal Brief :

New Regulations for Registration of Thai Partnerships and Companies

Recently, the government office responsible for the registration of

partnerships and companies issued a new regulation: Order No. 102/2549 (2006)

Re: Determination of Documents to support the registration of partnerships

and limited companies.

The new regulation sets the criteria and procedures for registration of partnerships and limited



In  cases where


  i) the partners or shareholders, being foreigners and investing or holding shares of 40%

      and more but not exceeding 50% of registered capital OR


  ii) foreigners who invest  or hold shares less than 40% of registered capital but are

      authorized to act on behalf of the partnerships or limited companies


It is required that all the Thai partners or shareholders must submit  evidence showing the

source of investment funds, together with the application for registration of the partnership or

limited companies; and the evidence must be consistent with the amount of funds invested in

the shares of the partners or shareholders.


The evidence includes but is not limited to the following:


   1. Copy of bank passbook or bank statement for past six months

    2. Document issued by the banks to certify the financial status of the partners

        or shareholders

    3. Other evidence showing the source of investment funds


The new regulation is effective and enforceable from August 15, 2006.


For further information, please contact Khun Supasak Chirasavinuprapand by phone

02-655-2112 or email



By Mr. Supasak Chirasavinuprapand

Royal Advocates International Limited

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