New TV Commercial

PETRONAS SYNTIUM new TV commercial is going to be on the air

in this coming February. The new thematic TVC of Syntium on the

title "All Terrain" is designed to project that Syntium is able to work

in a diverse ‘performance sphere’.

Its high performance features allows superior performance to

be achieved in an out-and-out sports car where extreme heat

is encountered in a modern turbocharged/variable timing

multivalved engines, to the dry and dusty conditions of the

off-road. It also could provide similar performance in the

toughest condition of all, the city, where the strain of the

stop-go traffic is the hardest on the engine.

The use of the ‘high performance’ car in the advertising

is not by chance, where, the Syntium brand of oil is

also recognised by the BMW-Sauber F1 team – the oil

could function in any the state-of-the-art engines – therefore it

will be able to protect your engine in your day-to-day conditions.

The Syntium TVC will be presented in 2 versions; 30 sec. and

15 sec since February 16,2007 onward.  The other medias such

as newspaper and magazines which will be in line with the thematic

TVC will also be publicized in the same period. 

Photoboard of PETRONAS Syntium thematic TVC


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