OIC Trade Forum, 20 – 21 June 2005, Putrajaya International  Convention Centre

Malaysia is hosting this OIC Trade Forum that is jointly organised by MITI, Matrade and MIDA. In conjunction with the forum, a trade exhibition will be held aimed at promoting products and services of export interest to participants.

The objectives of the Forum are:
a.. strengthen and enhance economic cooperation among OIC countries;
b.. foster closer partnership among OIC business communities;
c.. facilitate trade in goods and services, investment and networking; and
d.. explore business opportunities and j/vs in sectors such as construction, education and tourism.

 3. The keynote address will be delivered by YAB Perdana Menteri. Participation is free. Key issues to be discussed include:

a.. enhancing intra OIC trade – the way forward; b.. harnessing market potential in goods and services sectors in OIC countries – programmes and measures for enhancing commercial cooperation;|

c.. opportunities among OIC countries in the tourism sector, halal products and services, construction sector and education sector;

d.. business alliances – key factors for successful intra-OIC business ventures;

e.. creating conducive investment

4. This forum is a significant event to Malaysia as it provides us the opportunity to take the lead in enhancing trade and investment linkages among OIC countries. In addition, these two events will also provide the window to the business community to network and strengthen relations.

For more information, please contact Mr. Khoo Boo Seng, Economic Counsellor – MITI Bangkok at trade@samart.co.th

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