The Malaysian-Thai Chamber of Commerce (MTCC), which comprises Malaysian companies with business operations in Thailand and Thai companies with business interests in Malaysia has also been established to promote greater trade and industrial linkages between Malaysian and Thai companies.

Private sectors of Malaysia and Thailand led by the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) are also taking initiatives to collaborate with each other to further strengthen trade and investment relations.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Joint Council of FMM and FTI was held on 18 June 2004 in Bangkok. The Meeting has established four Working Groups on:

– food and agri business;

– electrical and electronics;

– automotive;


– logistics and supply chain.

The second FMM-FTI Joint Council Meeting in December 2004 agreed to work on:

– harmonisation and synchronisation of product coding in the food sector to improve efficiency and traceability;

– encourage standards harmonisation and MRA of electrical and electronic products; and

– promotion and development of halal food industry in both countries.

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