Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (owned in 74 percent of

Players coming off the bye might be available, depending on how many teams are in your league. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (owned in 74 percent of fantasy leagues), running back Tevin Coleman (78 percent), wideouts Jamison Crowder (48 percent) and Robby Anderson (58 percent) plus kicker Robbie Gould (56 percent) all deserve to be on a roster. If Anderson is available and your league offers bonus points for high yardage plays, he would be an interesting addition.

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“People don’t realize how big a difference it is between playing a 1 o’clock game on Sunday and playing an 8:30 game on Sunday,” Barry said. “So as coaches we are going to do a little bit of work at the hotel on Sunday.. Since we’re going to have quite a bit of time in the hotel on Sunday.

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