Sleep with your head elevated above your chest Avoid

In the last article we spoke about how stress can affect the skin. Isn’t it great to learn that moderate amounts of dark chocolate are good for the body? Problem for me is that I have given up all sugar. So that leaves other good things to eat, like vegetables and fruits, nuts, etc.

Just because travel shows are full of screaming bungee jumpers or snake eating adventurers, should not mean that a holiday is incomplete unless you dive from a scary place. You are here to reboot yourself and if that can happen over a cozy book and a lazy fireplace, so be it. If you are with a group or family, you will, in all possibility, be urged to try this, try that, come for this, join for that.

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Avoid sleeping on your back. Sleep on your sides or your stomach. Sleep with your head elevated above your chest Avoid drinking alcohol 3 5 hours before sleep Avoid eating large meals right before sleep Loose weight. She was a social worker before and was forced to work abroad as a domestic helper in high hopes of bringing a brighter future for her family. She also had a short stint as peasant organizer in Dole plantations in Mindanao. She worked abroad twice, and both times, she was lucky to have good employers, unlike many other OFWs.

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