Thailand’s Trade Performance (January-June 2007)

? Thailand?s global trade, Jan to Jun 2007 totalled US$137.69 billion, compared to US$122.92 billion in the same period of last year.See Table A)         

? Exports were valued at US$71.60 billion, an increase of 18.63 %from US$60.35 billion over first half 2006.

? Imports were US$66.09 billion, an increase of 5.63 % at decelerated pace.

? Trade surplus is US$5.51 billion.

? Thailand?s 5 largest bilateral trading partners, led by Japan, and including Malaysia, accounted for 49.76 % (US$68.51 billion)

of Thailand?s first half global trade (US$137.69 billion).

Malaysia remains Thailand?s 4th largest trading partner, accounting for 5.58 % (US$7.68 billion) of Thailand?s global trade, for the

period of Jan ? Jun 2007.

? Thailand?s trade with Malaysia grew 6.66 % compared to the first half of 2006.

?EXPORTSTable B) led by Japan, China and USA, totalled US$36.17 billion:

? Thailand?s exports to 5 largest markets

– accounted for 50.54 % of Thailand?s total half-year global exports (US$71.60 billion); and

– increased 9.20 % compared with the first half of 2006.

? All top ten major export items recorded increases ranging from 3.91 % (rubber) to 60.10 % (iron and steel products)

compared to the previous year.

? Malaysia is Thailand?s 5th largest export destination:

– Thai exports totalled US$3.74 billion; and

– exports increased 17.47 % compared with the first half of 2006.


? Thailand imports from 5 largest sources (Table C) led by Japan and China, totalled US$ 66.09 billion and accounted for 49.56 % of

Thailand?s first half 2007 global imports.

? Major import items of Thailand include crude oil, machinery and chemicals products.

? Malaysia is Thailand?s 4th largest import source:

– Thai imports totalled of US$3.93 billion; and

– imports decreased by 1.93 % compared with the first half of 2006.


? Thailand?s total trade with other ASEAN countries

of 9.80 % compared with the first half of 2006. Malaysia is Thailand?s largest bilateral trading partner

in ASEAN, amounting to US$7.68 billion (29.0 %) of Thailand?s total trade with other ASEAN countries.


? For the first half of 2007, Thailand?s exports to the nine ASEAN countries

? Malaysia is Thailand?s largest export destination, accounting for 25.28 % (US$3.74 billion) of Thailand?s total ASEAN exports.

? Thailand?s exports to Malaysia increased by 17.47 % for the period of Jan – Jun 2007.


? From Jan ? Jun 2007, Thailand?s imports from nine ASEAN countries (Table F) amounted to US$ 11.66 billion; increased by

2.29 % compared with the first half of 2006.

? Malaysia is the largest source of Thai imports,accounting for 33.78 % of Thailand?s total imports from other ASEAN countries.

? Thailand?s imports from Malaysia shrunk by 1.93 % for the period of Jan – Jun 2007.

(Table E) amounted to US$ 14.83 billion, an increased of 16.52 %.(Table D) amounted to US$26.49 billion, an increased

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