The Argentinian midfielder did not seem to find his

I had that night’s special, Shoyu with shrimp. Three perfectly cooked jumbo shrimp floated on top with a soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, and green onion. The savory soup also contained slices of mushrooms (portobello maybe?) which have been meaty, yet tender, and, when full of their own wonderfully earthy flavor, still soaked up the flavorful broth..

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3) Color: Color is not a big deal, but it’s still something to consider. For competition purposes, most tournaments, especially the more famous ones such as the IBJJF, only allow blue and white colored gi’s. Some academies also only sell these in color, but on the internet, you can find any color of gi, most notably black.

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In further more expensive news Angel Di Maria has finally reached Qatar to undergo his medical for Pierre Saint Germaine. The Argentinian midfielder did not seem to find his form in the English Premier League and was made available for other teams by coach Louis van Gaal. Even though he performed more than satisfactory for Real Madrid, it seems he just didn’t fit in England.

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