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The purchase price of about $800 million is reduced by about $150 million in remaining debt on Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, which would become the responsibility of the new owners. Snyder’s share includes both cash and a large loan, he said, declining to provide specifics. The loan is personally guaranteed, he said, not backed by his $325 million in Snyder Communications stock.

Roethlisberger added that it was nice to get back to some normalcy after a few crazy years. If the Steelers are looking for a model of what a refreshed locker room can do for a team, the 2018 Seattle Seahawks provide an example. After dismantling the Legion of Boom secondary including cornerback Richard Sherman, who had lost faith in quarterback Russell Wilson the team made the playoffs with a less talented roster..

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Rivera’s top option might be Philadelphia’s Jason Peters, who still played well last season on the seeming bargain of a one year $6 million contract. The Redskins could sign Peters, 38, to a one or two year deal and take another tackle late in the draft to develop behind him. Tennessee’s versatile backup tackle Dennis Kelly also could be a short term answer..

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