The Eight Dimensions of Samitivej International Children’s Hospital for Expertise in Child Care in Thailand and Asia Pacific Region

In speaking with Chairat Panthuraamporn, M.D., Managing Director and CEO of Samitivej Public Co., Ltd., he stated that “Samitivej has been renowned for its expertise in child care for more than 36 years and Samitivej International Children’s Hospital has been established for 12 years. Samitivej International Children’s Hospital is the first private children’s hospital in Thailand and has treated a high number of children with rare diseases. Equipped with eight dimensions of expertise in child care, we aim to expand and increase the medical services we provide to sick children in Thailand and the Asia Pacific Region.”


  1. 150 Doctors with Full Range of Specialties and Sub-specialties
  2. Clinical Care Program Certification for Childhood Asthma Care
  3. Intensive Care Units for Newborns and Children
  4. Advanced Equipment for Children in Critical Condition
  5. Infant and Pediatric Aeromedical Transportation Service
  6. Synergizing the Strengths of Two Campuses
  7. Free Pediatric Heart Surgery for Children in Need
  8. International Medical Collaboration


With all eight dimensions combined into one, Samitivej International Children’s Hospital can respond to and solve all children’s problems and make them happy once more, not only in Thailand, but around the world.


SMICH Group Photo