The Big Ten filing was a response in opposition to the players motion for expedited discovery. The filing said the 11 3 vote exceeded the 60% threshold the Big Ten requires. The filing also said the Big Ten based its decision on multiple factors, including the medical advice and counsel of the Big Ten Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Big Ten Sports Medicine Committee..

SummarySo there you have it the wonder boys of the 90’s. Doesn’t it make you wish you could see them on the field today, making the big plays so often remembered?. Fortunately, great football players are out there today, replacing the old memories with new ones.

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That stumbling block has been brought up in our academic arguments about this topic dating back to the spring.)Also, by starting later in the fall, the Big Ten can benefit from observing what happens in the Power 5 conferences who attempt to play. The frustrating thing for most fans, players, parents and coaches is that was the argument they made for simply delaying the start of the fall season, rather than cancelling it altogether. That horse is already out of the barn.Q: The Big Ten and Pac 12 were previously considered to be in lock step on their thought process.

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Goodell also instructed teams in the memo to refrain from commenting publicly on contingencies regarding the season. Eventually, the league and NFLPA expect to develop protocols by which players will be tested regularly for the virus. Those protocols also will guide a team’s response if a player tests positive for the virus, according to people familiar with the league’s planning, but those deliberations are ongoing..

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