The growth later led to a cancer scare

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“There’s just too much unknown about this virus and about plans handling it going forward,” James wrote. “My wife and I were blessed with our newborn son May 22 and he’s now my top priority. Although I worked all offseason and invested in my body to bounce back and have a great year on the field, it’s just not worth risking the health of my loved ones..

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The 31 year old Williams had missed offseason workouts, training camp and the season’s first eight games, in part because of a dispute with the team’s medical staff. Several people familiar with Williams’s thinking said he was upset over the way doctors handled a growth on his head at the end of last season. The growth later led to a cancer scare, although it was ultimately determined to be benign..

“It had been multiple things, from [Robert Griffin III] and the Scot McCloughan fiasco to the Kirk Cousins contract,” said the 33 year old IT specialist, who, like Simmons, was raised in a Redskins obsessed household in Prince George’s County. “It was just like chipping away, chipping away, chipping away. That was it.

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wholesale jerseys from china But in the era of anti racism protests that sprung up across the nation since black Minneapolis man George Floyd was killed while in police custody on May 25, opposition to anthem protests has become more controversial.’ARREST the cops’: Black Lives Matter supporting NFL star tweets message to police after receiving FELONY CHARGE for lawn protestNew Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees issued multiple apologies in June, after his comments suggesting that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to the American flag triggered blowback from NFL players and pundits. Proponents of the demonstrations have argued that kneeling has nothing to do with the anthem or flag and is meant to raise awareness of police brutality. But regardless of intent, their actions are still seen as disrespectful by many. wholesale jerseys from china

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