Newton’s teammate Mike Tolbert snagged the ball and handed it Newton, who pointed at Gunter before running to the barrier behind the goal posts. He handed it to a kid. As Carolina prepared for the extra point, Newton sprinted the length of the end zone pointing to the crowd, like a jet on the brink of takeoff..

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Like to acknowledge that if nobody feels like playing basketball or practising basketball or talking about basketball or anything, that OK, you know what I mean. You have to understand that the priorities of what matters may be different than basketball for some guys and I certainly willing to take as much time, cancel things that were basketball related, whatever, just to make sure these guys are OK and give them a platform to speak, give them a platform to share ideas it not very easy here lately. And it a damn shame, is what it is.

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As part of the partnership expansion, Microsoft and the NFL will now work together on modern collaboration technology to further empower the League using the new Microsoft Teams platform. Designed to work seamlessly across Windows, iOS and Android devices, Microsoft Teams brings together chat, calling, meetings, files, document collaboration and workflow into a single app. Rather than use separate apps for those experiences, NFL teams and the entire organization can collaborate and stay constantly and securely connected on Microsoft Teams..

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