“Felt great out there today,” Haskins said. “Just the atmosphere of just going out there, being a leader, talking to the guys. Just having fun. By 1954, a near gleeful essay lauding the university’s bold decision appeared in Sports Illustrated. It blasted college football as an “infernal nuisance” to a campus, a phrase seldom deployed in, say, Tuscaloosa. “The ancient Athenians were as crazy about sport as modern Americans are,” Hutchins wrote.

The Everhart has things from medieval illuminations to modern expressionist art. I have also found ancient pieces of glass and sculpture from Greece and Rome! It is certainly true that this humble little museum in Scranton, PA has its fair share of hidden little gems. I am having a great time already, and I look forward to unearthing other secrets as I continue to work through the rooms of storage here at the Everhart..

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They also hired themselves as stage managers. “We needed the money,” Mr. Prince joked.. “Well, to Coach Bowden and the rest of the coaching staff, I’d just like to say that I’m sorry. And to all the other guys, all the recruits that are coming, if you hear this tape, before thinking about doing drugs, Coach Bowden, he’s gonna talk to you and tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. And for my sake, please listen to him.”.

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