Fresh from the it can’t hurt to bring it up department, multiple NFL teams have complained to the league because Rodgers came off the injured reserve (designated to return) list and then was shut down for the season, going on permanent IR, after the Dec. 17 game, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Teams are taking issue with this because Rodgers reportedly suffered no new injury andNFL rules require that a player must have suffered a new injury that would sideline him at least six weeks to be placed on injured reserve.

We’re not gonna always get that. But we’re always going to continue to try to get that. And I mentioned to the ownership today that our commitment is to do everything reasonable to make sure that we improve officiating I’m asking the competition committee to look at various aspects of our officiating to see what we can do to improve on it.”.

I’m sure that will make you the most popular person on the block. Everybody likes enjoying front yard cocktails with Hall Monitor types who feel like it’s their job to tell everyone how to behave. That must be the reason they are popping up on Facebook these days like Whack A Moles.

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The 1990 season would pose as a big challenge for Taylor, who wanted to restructure his contract before returning to the Giants off season training camp. While demanding a new contract for $2 million a year, talks dragged on without either side budging. While holding out on returning to the Giants, Taylor was penalized $2,500 a day every day.

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