When they broke the streak, guess who they beat. With the arrival of star quarterback Archie Manning, the Saints were expected to perform much better than they had been. Well, the opposite happened, Manning ran away from defenders more often than the team gained yards to begin with.

It made sense for Bell to take a second QB in Prescott, but it made less overt sense for her to then also take a second TE in Brate, thus limiting thebench spots she could fill with high upside RBs and WRs. Given Le’Veon Bell’s injury history, Connercould be valuable insurance, but the Pittsburgh rookie has been plagued by his own injuries and has yet to lock down the backup job. Stephania ran into some post draft bad luck when Boldin, who appeared to have a good shot at leading the Bills in TD catches this season, decided to retire.

Stat 2016 2017 Comp % 54.3% 57.8% YPA 5.6 6.1 Passer Rating 71.5 82.9 This side of the ball has also been ravaged by injury and suspensions. As much as it hurts to say, Jaylon Smith having to play is a liability for the Cowboys. He’s not the same player after the knee injury and multiple times a game he’s simply unable to change direction.

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