There a column building up in my mind about the questions I get asked as a Mumbai columnist. Being everyone first port of call for city queries is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I have no power over (or interest in) the BMC garbage collection system in your locality.

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Yet in Germany, the Bundesliga’s return remains controversial. While the two top leagues were allowed to restart their seasons this weekend, amateur and youth soccer leagues in the country remain suspended. A survey by German public broadcaster ZDF showed that 62% of people would have preferred a cancellation of the season.

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I thought of giving ourselves a little rest and stopped at a roadside tea stall. The stall person was really frightened to see a car coming towards him in reverse at a considerable speed. He must have been quite relieved when Babar alighted and took me out of the vehicle through the driver’s seat..

This is because it is being advanced in every generation and useful in performing works effectively. But, even computer face problem with software and technical glitches that needs to be resolved quickly. Computer repair should be taken from experienced technicians to resolves the glitches immediately.

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